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Fergie Shows Her Pussy

Monday, August 16th, 2010

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Fergie sang about her sexy curves, or as she calls them “my lovely lady lumps”, in her hit single My Humps. Well, here are are awesome shots of Fergie’s sweet and smooth-shaven pussy! Just look at her spreading her legs and exposing her succulent snatch for the world to see. Doesn’t the picture just make you want to dive in and bury your face and eat out her sweet pussy? Click this link to see more more raunchy Fergie nude photos.

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Fergie is the hot and sexy female vocalist for the hip-hop group the Black Eyed Peas with whom she enjoyed a series of hits and albums before releasing her own debut album. If are looking for more images of this hot blonde bombshell pop sensation, then look no further and just click this link – Fergie Naked. I personally guarantee that browsing through our collection of naked photos of the beautiful and voluptuous hot singer will be totally worth it.

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Fergie playing with herself in dressing room

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Remember when Fergie was still rocking the beats with her Black Eyed Peas band mates? All she ever did was shake her sweet ass in front of them like it’s fuckin’ Christmas while she makes their cock go secretly wild in their pants. She’s a tease on cam who I’ve always thought was one extremely horny slut who enjoys being kinky by herself after rehearsal. These shots are proof of what she loves to do behind the cameras. Being a blond, she was dumb enough not to notice the hidden micro-lens cameras we put behind her dressing room mirror. She first took her skirt off, pulled her panties down and bent over in front of the mirror while she watched her pussy start to moist as her sweet clit hardened.

She then sat down, spread her legs and rubbed her now soaking wet cunt. She finger fucked herself for an hour, orgasm to orgasm and finally after her tenth orgasm, she gave her sore meat crustaceans a rest. Must be very stressful being around those boys to release a shitload of stress like that. See for yourself.

Fergie Is Always Up To Some Hardcore Monkey Business

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Doesn’t Josh Duhamel know you shouldn’t leave a horny slut like Fergie alone for an extended period of time?  She’ll be spreading her legs in no time, trying to entice some guy to pound that pussy while she’s waiting for his return.  Oh well, maybe he’s used to it already, and maybe he even finds it a turn on that she’s getting pounded by some other guy while thinking about him.  Here’s Fergie during two of those sessions, and while one of those times looks like a straightforward quickie in the bathroom, the other one looks like a kinky party that actually took time to set up.  I mean, what’s that guy wearing anyway, and why did she make him wear it?  Well, whatever it is, it looks like Fergie’s really enjoying the pounding she’s getting there, especially since it’s an anal one, and Fergie loves taking it up the ass!

Check out Fergie naked and doing lots of dirty, naughty things when you check out that site!  Lots of other blogs have already shown how much of a horny slut she is, and we just love that about her, don’t we?

Fergie Plays With Herself

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Fergie is caught in the act here, touching herself after a concert, and then heading into the bathroom for some dildo fun.  It’s a bit surprising that Fergie would go for some self-pleasure, because most of us would assume it would be easier for her to just grab some guy and make him fuck her.  Well, maybe everyone else was busy, and it really does make sense that Fergie brings a big dildo wherever she goes, when you think about it.  This is one horny California girl after all, and she used to be a Girl Scout, so she clearly follows the Scout motto of always being prepared.  Look at that toy she’s bringing to her lips.  It’s big, very well-used and I hear she calls it “The Elephunker”.  She obviously loves that thing, and we love watching her use it, so it’s great that she brings it along on every tour!  I wonder if the other guys in the band watch her while she’s having fun like this?

Ah, dildos and Black Eyed Peas, what a deliciously kinky combination.  I’m sure Fergie enjoys it a lot though, so let’s get retarded and enjoy Fergie getting kinky as much as we want, which is what happens when you check out this link!

Fergie Naked Around Her Home

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

I don’t know who took these photos, but whoever they are, they’ve got to be close to Fergie, because from what I see, it shows Fergie around her Hollywood home, totally naked!  She’s clearly very comfortable just showing this person around her home while in the buff, confirming what we already know about Fergie, which is that she’s one horny hottie who isn’t afraid to show others her erotic side.

Sitting on the floor with her legs open for a nice peek at her sweet, plump cunt shows her confidence in her sexuality, and her pride at being a hot babe!  She looks even more comfy sitting down in her living room, like the hottest nude hostess you’ll ever see welcoming you to her abode.  And then there’s her naked photo in the Black Eyed Peas Room.  You know that every rock and pop star out there has a room like this, filled with their posters and other merchandise.  But not every star crawls around naked in those rooms like that, or then again, maybe they do.

Whoever she was with during this tour was one lucky person, whether it was a dude or a babe, because Fergie is known for swinging both ways, didn’t you know?  Clearly she was showing off her home while at the same time showing off her lovely lady lumps, probably because Josh Duhamel was out of town on some assignment.  If you want to see more of what a naked Fergie does when she’s left home alone, click on that link we just posted and see for yourself!

Fergie Flashes Her Pink

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Yeah, we know that Fergie’s got a fine booty, and sexy washboard abs.  Her boobies are nice too, but we’ve never had a glimpse of her treasure box until now, and I’ve got say that it doesn’t disappoint.  Sure, it looks like it’s been used a lot, but that’s just because it has!  Fergie’s been a very naughty girl in the past, and as you can see here, she’s still no angel now.

Plus, she’s engaged to Josh Duhamel, and I bet he bangs her every day, just because he looks like a horny guy.  I mean why else would he hook up with her, except for hot, crackwhore sex?  This pussy has seen a lot of action, and it’s still getting a lot more, I believe, so it’s only appropriate that Fergie show it off like this whenever she can, because that poontang is the center of her life!

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